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Country Meadow, Front Sign
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During the month of December, Country Meadow Residences is running a Deposit Only Special saving up $675 if you opt for our 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment home with the added bonus of receiving a $100 VISA gift card to help with your holiday shopping.

How does this work?

You pay our $30 per adult application fee, we run rental, employment and criminal background checks, if all comes back clear; you pay the deposit, either $590 or $675 depending on which floorplan you choose and nothing else until the beginning of January.

Additionally you must also qualify according to Section 42 Tax Credit criteria; see our Tax Credit Qualification Guidelines page for more information. And move-in must take place on or before December 31, 2013 to qualify for this special.

The application packet is available for download/printing; to complete at your leisure before visiting the property if you wish!

Some photos of our beautiful community and apartments to whet your appetite…

To book a tour, simply use our convenient online booking system or call (785) 587-9094 Mon-Thu 9am-5pm or Fri 9am-3pm.